50g Olong Tea


Olong tea (generally pronounced “wu-long”) is the mid-point blend between black tea and green tea in terms of oxidation. It is semi-oxidized and hence produces the characteristics of both green and black tea.


To make the finest black tea, the tea leaves are first withered until they are soft enough to be rolled. The pliant leaves are then rolled, which releases juices and enzymes that are ready to react with oxygen. The oxidation process starts after the bruised and sticky leaves are spread out to allow the juices to react with oxygen. After ample oxidation, the leaves turn brown, just like a freshly sliced apple would. The oxidized leaves are then fired/dried to stop further chemical reactions and seal/lock the flavors and enzymes. The oxidation process is what changes the properties of the tea leaves and provides the black tea with its unique color and brisk flavor.

Flavor Profile

The characteristics of the black tea depends on various factors such as the tea bush type, harvest season, elevation, climate and the level of oxidation.

Brewing the Finest Cup

Full-leaf black tea consists of full tea leaves which are not broken into pieces during processing. They are generally brewed at higher temperature than green tea. To brew the finest cup of black tea, use about two grams (the amount of a single tea bag) of tea per 100 ml of water of temperature 95°C (203°F). In general, use not quite boiling water or let the water cool down for not even 30 seconds after boiling. Steep for about 4 to 6 minutes to enjoy the brisk flavor of black tea.

Health Benefits

  • Potent antioxidants (especially theaflavins & thearubigens) present in black tea have cholesterol-lowering abilities.
  • Black tea particularly has cardiovascular benefits.
  • Since all teas come from the same plant Camellia sinensis, black tea shares most of the same health benefits properties as green tea.
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