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At Sagarmatha Lokta, we take immense pride in being a premier producer of organic and handmade Lokta products. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, our company draws inspiration from the pristine beauty and rich traditions of the region. Established with a vision to preserve the environment and support local communities, Sagarmatha Lokta is committed to offering ethically sourced and beautifully crafted treasures made from the fibers of the ancient Lokta plant.

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Sagarmatha Tea

Sagarmatha Gold is a first-prize winning first flush black tea named after the breathtaking Mount Everest. It is comprised of golden buds with a captivating and complex flavor profile. Its stunning, golden liquor has notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and cocoa powder, accented by oat and cane sugar notes. Sagarmatha Gold is a tea worth trying.

To the Nepalese, Mount Everest is “Sagarmatha,” and this exquisite first-flush tea delivers an experience as rarefied as the pure mountain air. Tender buds grown in rich soil at 7,000 feet are plucked with an open leaf to allow the bud to breathe. The buds are carefully separated, withered, naturally oxidized, hand-rolled and dried. True to its name, Sagarmatha Gold-ranked first in an international tea tasting held at Mount Everest Base Camp in April 2018.

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Client Testimonials

Nirajan Bohara Happy customer

Unearthing Sagarmatha Lokta was a joy! Their eco-friendly Lokta products are exquisitely crafted, and I love the authentic texture of their paper.

Sumit Bhandari Happy Customer

Sagarmatha tea is a delightful blend, soothing and aromatic. A unique taste of Nepal in every cup!. Being health conscious I really loved and enjoyed it.

Bishal Kc Happy Customer

Sagarmatha Lokta truly captures the essence of nature in their handcrafted products.It's a pleasure to support such a meaningful endeavor!.Best of luck !!

Yaskar Jung Shah Thakuri Happy Customer

Sagarmatha Lokta has redefined elegance with their organic Lokta products.I'm thrilled with my Lokta journal and will definitely be back for more!